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23 - October 2020

Sustainable aquaculture

At Dibaq, we want to help make the sector more sustainable and environmentally friendly. How? Check this article and find out more.

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20 - October 2020

Benefits and risks of spaying/neutering cats

At Dibaq Group, we know how important pets are in our lives, and this time we are going to focus on spayed/neutered cats and the importance of proper nutrition.

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15 - October 2020

We strengthen our presence in India

We have even more good news to share. The pet care market is growing in India, where our products are gaining ground. So proud!

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09 - October 2020

We won the AENOR certificate

AENOR gives the certificate of Protocol of Action against COVID 19 to Derwent Group, a group is part of Grupo Tejedor Lazaro. We are so proud!

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21 - September 2020

Dibaq Group, experts in micronisation

The direct obtaining of extruded micro pellets is a laborious, complex process that begins with the attaining of micronised meals from the cascading use of different technologies to measure out and grind the mixture. We will first carry out conventional milling with hammer mills to achieve an initial, dramatic reduction in particle size. But that […]

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21 - September 2020

BUVARE, a plan to develop a sector-managed culture collection

Spanish aquaculture has been working for a long time to develop sector-specific actions that help to improve the biomedical control of fish, and it is especially centred on the development of preventive actions. For this reason, we are proud to announce that we are participating in BUVARE, a project whose main objective is to improve the exchange of information and knowledge related to every aspect of current vaccination practices among agents in the aquaculture sector value chain.

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18 - September 2020

VI DIBAQ Aquaculture Photography Contest

We inform you that the VI Edition of the DIBAQ Aquaculture Photography Contest has arrived. A contest open to amateur and professional photographers from all over the world who work in the Aquaculture sector.

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24 - August 2020

Animal welfare in aquaculture

At Dibaq Group, we are aware that the welfare of aquaculture fish is a fundamental concern today and a topic increasingly covered in the media. Are you interested? Check more information here.

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