Products and 360º Services

Thanks to our experience and great Team of professionals, we currently offer a wide range of foods for pets and aquaculture fish prepared under the supervision of expert nutritionists.

Moreover, we offer a series of nutrition-related services to care for animals and help our customers to achieve their maximum potential.

Pet Food

Through our Dibaq Petcare division, we specialise in animal nutrition, health and wellness. We manufacture dog and cat food that is cooked in a traditional way and made of natural ingredients and top-quality raw materials.

We currently offer a wide range of dry and wet foods to meet all of pets’ needs at every stage of their lives, with different foods according to the breed, size, metabolism and preferences of your animal. All of our products are backed by an internationally renowned certification: IFS.

Among our products, you can find:

  • Nutritional foods
  • Hypoallergenic foods
  • Digestive care foods
  • Low-Grain y Grain-Free foods
  • Holistic / natural foods
  • Nutritional supplements
  • Snacks


Two of our most special ranges are:

An exclusive range of holistic, hypoallergenic dry and wet foods, cooked especially for dogs and cats. Thanks to recipes made with an exclusive production process, this range is strongly positioned in the Super Premium food sector, pleasing the most demanding palates with its natural ingredients: fresh meat, rice, vegetables, fruits and natural antioxidants, using raw materials that stimulate our pets’ five senses.

All our recipes are prepared to meet the natural nutritional requirements of dogs and strengthen their immune system, preventing allergies and digestive problems. More information here.

An exclusive range of holistic cat food, also cooked with a unique manufacturing process and premium ingredients. They include a variety of fresh meats (such as fish, beef, turkey, chicken, venison, lamb and rabbit) and natural antioxidants, guaranteeing a unique, irresistible flavour that makes this the Super Premium range preferred by felines.

All recipes are hypoallergenic and grain and gluten free, and each one provides different benefits, such as hair care, oral care, urinary tract care or care for overweight, spayed/neutered cats. More information here.

Aquaculture Feed

Through our Dibaq Aquaculture division, we offer a wide range of products and nutritional solutions developed for the needs and life cycles of different species of freshwater and saltwater aquaculture fish.

The species we work with include:

  • Gilt-head bream
  • European sea bass
  • Rainbow trout
  • Sole
  • Salmon
  • Eel
  • Tilapia
  • Prawn
  • Croaker
  • Turbot
  • Sturgeon
  • Carp
  • Pompano
  • Catfish
  • Tropical fish

And we continue working every day to develop feeds for new species in the aquaculture sector, such as amberjack and red-banded sea bream.

Our passion for the aquaculture world and our investments in research have also helped us to launch nutritional programmes and special product lines tailored to the needs of the market and our customers. In particular, we have made two additions to our menu of services:

This nutraceutical technology was launched by our Team in 2006 after two and a half years of research and testing in collaboration with various institutions. Developed to be applied in the feeding of both freshwater and saltwater species, it is based on natural plant extracts, amino acids, fatty acids, vitamins and minerals and on clear improvements in manufacturing technology. The effects? It promotes the intestinal health of fish, improves conversion, enhances the nutritional properties of fish, and ensures higher quality and better conservation of their flesh. More information here.

As a result of innovation and the needs of the global market, in 2020 we also launched Dibaq AquaSafe®, an internal quality seal to differentiate our high-value products. In it, up to five main properties can be combined depending on the type of product, size, target species and type of production: nutraceutical activity, parasitic activity, sustainability, improvement and expansion of micro pellets in products for hatcheries, and digestive and functional activity. More information here.

Along with our products and nutritional solutions, we offer aquaculture-related services such as:

Study of pathologies, diagnostic and treatment of diseases.
Continued monitoring of fish quality.
Personalized nutritional advising adapted for every need.
Technical and sales consulting.

Through these services, our Team specialised in health and wellness collaborates directly with our customers to prevent problems in their centres and facilities through periodic analyses and check-ups, meeting each need with personalised, individual solutions.

Why Choose Our Products and Services?

Selection of the Best Raw Materials

At Dibaq Group, we are aware of the importance of working with top-quality raw materials, which is why we constantly monitor the origin and traceability of the resources we use to make our food. Our objective? To select, in a sustainable and environmentally responsible way, top-quality raw materials that provide the best benefits to animals.

For this reason, we collaborate with carefully selected producers and suppliers. We work only with those that have animal welfare certification, and we visit them regularly to ensure compliance with the expected quality standards and current legislation.

In addition, we mainly choose raw materials grown near our facilities in order to boost the local economy and minimise our CO2 footprint derived from transport. Thanks to our logistics partners and their extensive experience, the selected raw materials reach our facilities as quickly as possible and in the best conditions, ensuring their freshness and quality.

It is also important to mention that we have a rigorous raw materials validation system. They are analysed both internally by our quality Team and externally by several prestigious, ENAC-certified laboratories.

Among the raw materials we cook with, we can highlight:


Some of these are potatoes, beets, peas, beans or mushrooms that come from crops that are optimally and completely sustainably sown. In addition, producers opt for more ecological alternatives, such as mint or clove oil, which are natural anti-sprouting, to prevent this germination once stored and consume green electricity in the production process. In this way, the environmental impact is minimised.

Another example can be the dehydrated carrot, which is dehydrated for its conservation, because it is the oldest and most natural way to maintain its original flavour and nutritional properties for longer, so these carrots do not contain any kind of additive.


Some of our oils are Fish Oil from species that come from responsible sources and are responsibly produced leading to significant improvements in fish stocks. The oils are obtained in plants that have the Integrated Environmental Authorisation due to their constant commitment to sustainable development. In addition, these fish oils are registered in the REACH database, a regulation concerning the registration, evaluation, authorisation and restriction of chemicals.

Other oils we use are Cameline Oil, a sustainable raw material certified by the Community of Madrid’s Committee for Organic Agriculture, or Norwegian Salmon Oil, which comes from sustainable fishing and contributes to the health of the oceans by helping to maintain the population of marine species at optimal levels to guarantee their survival, while respecting the natural environment. These are fishing techniques which do not have a negative impact on the other inhabitants of the ecosystem.

Natural rice:

We cook with natural, gluten-free rice of the highest quality from fields supervised by teams of agronomists, biologists and rice cultivation experts who monitor the fields daily, and where state-of-the-art agronomic practices and techniques are applied. Much attention is paid to cultivation, development and research to obtain the best rice qualities.


We work with meat that comes from pigs raised in Spain in farms with Animal Welfare Certification. A European regulation whose objective is to establish minimum standards for the protection of pigs. On these farms, the animal itself is directly observed, through the evaluation of 4 principles: good feeding, good housing, good health and appropriate behaviour. At the same time, these farms have an Environmental Management System to optimise the management of their resources and waste and reduce environmental impacts.

Other meats come from traditionally raised chickens in conditions of maximum welfare, in which the chickens enjoy free access to the fields, being raised totally free of stress, as well as receiving 100% vegetable-based feed mainly based on corn. They are pure-bred country chickens, raised on the basis of the sustainability of the rural population.

Top-Range Products

We offer an extensive menu of products for dogs, cats and aquaculture fish, adapting to the life cycle and nutritional needs of each animal. We offer Premium and Super Premium foods, strictly complying with all food safety regulations and internally imposing quality standards of the highest level, which makes our food unique.

Also, we distribute our products in special, environmentally friendly packaging. At Dibaq, we work every day to achieve zero waste, using recyclable packaging or with at least 15% recycled plastic, recyclable boxes and stickers, and labels printed with sustainable inks. We also reuse pallets.

Quality Control Throughout The Supply Chain

In order to offer the best products and services, we must maintain high standards. With the goal of ensuring customer satisfaction, we have implemented a dynamic, evolving and permanent quality system that adapts to market requirements.

At Dibaq Group, the Quality Control Department is in charge of designing, controlling and supervising every step of the process (from the selection of raw materials and the production process to the handling, packaging, storage, transportation and unloading of each product, and the customer’s arrival). For this demanding task, it relies on the help of:

A great internal Team: each department that is directly involved in manufacturing our products carries out control and verification activities, guaranteeing every step we take at every stage of the process.

External institutions: we collaborate with laboratories and benchmark technology centres in the sectors where we operate to achieve a high level of quality (such as Complutense University of Madrid; the ANFACO-CECOPESCA association, and the Aquimisa, Agrolab and Eurofins laboratories, among others).

Extensive technology: we have the best surveillance equipment in terms of instruments used to confirm the quality we aim to offer our customers (NIR technology, HPLC with UV/V detector, DAD, CILC with DAD, ELSD, FLD, ELCD, CG-FID MS/MS detectors, AA graphite camera, flame, PCR identification, micrography, microbiology, Kjeldahl, gravimetry, and infrared technology, among others).

Personalised Service

Anyone who collaborates with Dibaq Group know they can rely on the support of a top-level Team of professionals specialised in all areas related to animal health, wellness and nutrition.What do we aim to offer? Comprehensive service and personalised consulting for our clients on all matters related to the health and safety of their animals.

Guaranteed by Recognised Certifications

As a result of our experience and passion for our work, all our products and services are guaranteed by two internationally renowned certifications in the nutrition sector: IFS (International Featured Standards) and Global G.A.P. 2020.

Moreover, our work to take care of the people who make up the Dibaq Group has earned us three other important certifications in the human resources sector: EFR Certification as a Family-Responsible Company, the OPTIMA Castilla y León distinction, and the AENOR Certification of Protocols against COVID-19.

We are mindful of the fact that we could not have received these recognitions without the support of the people who comprise our Group and the rest of our major stakeholders. We appreciate the efforts of our Team, suppliers and collaborators, as well as the trust of our clients, the institutions with which we collaborate, and the community around us.