Who is Dibaq Group?

Dibaq Group, part of Grupo Tejedor Lázaro together with Derwent Group, is a leader in the animal nutrition, health and wellness sector in Spain and around the world.

Through our two business units, Dibaq Petcare and Dibaq Aquaculture, our family business offers an extensive catalogue of products: we manufacture food and snacks for dogs and cats, and we provide the best services for the care and feeding of marine and freshwater aquaculture fish.

Made of top-quality, sustainable raw materials, our recipes are the result of our commitment to technology and the most innovative processes, our ongoing work in R+D+i, and our controlled, safe production. We provide the best nutritional solutions for different species, responding to each animal’s needs according to its breed/species, size and life stage. And we are backed by two internationally renowned certifications: IFS (International Featured Standards) and Global G.A.P. 2020.

Thanks to our extensive experience, high quality standards and passion for what we do, our products and services can be found today in more than 65 countries across four continents.

We could not have achieved all this without the support of the people who make up our Group and the rest of our stakeholders. People are the Essence of our company, and we are deeply grateful to our hard-working Team, our loyal clients, the institutions that support us, and the social groups around us. Due to their importance to us, we work every day towards their well-being and happiness, having been recognised with EFR Certification as a Family-Responsible Company by Fundación Más Familia.


We feel that authenticity inspires Our Life, and are excited to share this Legacy with the world.


We want to continue to contribute in a sustainable way, along with our stakeholders, to the creation of a better world for pets and aquaculture. To do so, we focus our best efforts on research, development and innovation of techniques, processes and products to provide the best solutions in nutrition, health and animal wellbeing – all without forgetting the happiness of our Team and while caring for our environment.


Thanks to our experience, enthusiastic Team and high-quality products, we are proud to say that our brand stands for Trust, Transparency, Coherence, Honesty and Safety.

We are also pleased to be committed to our stakeholders, from our clients and suppliers to our competitors, partners and social groups with which we collaborate, who we also consider part of our family. Our relationship with them is therefore based on the 4Hs: Humanity, Humility, Honesty and Happiness.

Our Pillars

Our work and commitment are based on strong, consolidated pillars shared by all the people in our organisation. These pillars comprise our foundation and help us to be a company dedicated to the service we offer, to our surroundings and to the people who collaborate with us.


We are committed to innovation, technology and development but will never forget our roots in Fuentepelayo (Segovia) and the hard work and determination of our founders, Jose Luis Tejedor and Anastasia Lázaro. Our history and respect for the family legacy are what motivate us to learn and to forge ahead, looking towards the future.


With second and third-generation family members working side by side, at Dibaq Group, we have gained great recognition for our achievements in industry, science and international development. None of this would have been possible without the hard work and talent of the great Team that makes up our Group. People are our number-one asset, and we take care to ensure their well-being by defending diversity and equality on a daily basis, encouraging a healthy work-life balance, guaranteeing the safety of our Team, and fostering growth. That’s why we have been recognised with EFR Certification as a Family-Responsible Company, the OPTIMA Castilla y León distinction, and the AENOR Certification of Protocols against COVID-19.

A Positive Atmosphere

Our job consists of hard work, passion and dedication in environments that encourage a positive, supportive atmosphere. We foster Teamwork, cohesion between people, and the ability to overcome any obstacle. That way, we can offer our customers, community and surroundings the very best.

Hard Work

We have deep respect for a job well done. That’s why we strive to be the best professionals and work hard to meet our customers’ new needs, always working for their benefit.


We believe it is possible to grow in a responsible, sustainable way, taking care of nature and our environment. Our love of animals, the environment and our community is transmitted in every step we take. We strive every day to use sustainable raw materials, to collaborate with ethical suppliers and collaborators, and to support centres and initiatives that improve our social, cultural and business environment.