VI DIBAQ Aquaculture Photography Contest

We inform you that the VI Edition of the DIBAQ Aquaculture Photography Contest has arrived. A contest open to amateur and professional photographers from all over the world who work in the Aquaculture sector, either Marine, Continental, Administration or Research Centers.

The contest rewards excellence in photography. We want to see innovative and inspiring images. New visions of our animals, of our farms, surprising behaviors or new interpretations of what is already known. We are looking for a look that documents the diversity, beauty, work and innovation of our sector.

The prize will be to appear in our calendar for the year 2021 and also a three-day Experience Pack in a 5-star hotel.

The admission of photographs to the contest will be through the website (see link below) and ends on 31/10/2020 at 23:59 hours (CET). The communication of the winner will be on 6 NOVEMBER 2020.

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