Benefits and risks of spaying/neutering cats

At Dibaq Group, we know how important pets are in our lives, and this time we are going to focus on spayed/neutered cats and the importance of proper nutrition.

We’ll therefore discuss the benefits and risks of spaying and neutering and the best diet for kittens at this stage of their lives.

Benefits of spaying/neutering cats

If you have a kitten at home, you’re probably considering spaying or neutering it, if you have not already done so. At Dibaq, we want to give you some tips to help you make your decision.

First of all, let’s look at some of the advantages of this practice:

  • Spayed / Neutered cats have a longer life expectancy.
  • It guarantees birth control. Spaying / Neutering your cat is the most effective method of preventing unwanted litters.
  • It makes cohabitation easier, helping to prevent urine marking in the home and reduce aggressiveness towards cats.
  • It provides important health benefits for cats and prevents problems associated with gestation.
  • It lowers the risk of mammary and uterine problems in female kittens.

As you can see, there are obvious advantages, but what are the risks?

The risks of spaying or neutering your cat

On the other hand, there are some risks associated with spaying/neutering that should be considered:

  • Obesity: after spaying or neutering, cats are three times likelier to be overweight. This is because stayed / neutered cats have bigger appetites and tend to eat more and gain weight. This is something to watch out for.
  • Kidney stones: a sedentary, indoor lifestyle and obesity are factors contributing to the development of kidney stones.

The importance of water and nutrition

Now that you know the benefits and the risks, it’s important to point out that water and nutrition are the keys to keeping your spayed or neutered cat healthy. And don’t forget that exercise is also important to the health of your furry friend.

It’s essential to provide a proper diet and identify the nutrients that ensure all the necessary benefits. But before we discuss diet, keep in mind that you can help to prevent kidney stones by encouraging your cat to drink more water.

As for nutrition and preventing obesity, the key is to offer specific food for spayed or neutered cats that is suitable for the animal’s age.

That’s why at Dibaq Group, we offer special diets for spayed/neutered cats, such as Fitmin Purity Castrate. This product provides all the benefits that kittens need. Below you can find details on its properties and benefits.


Fresh, deboned meat:

Guarantees flavour and quality. Fitmin strives to produce tasty, high-quality food by using unique technology that allows us to add varieties of fresh meat (chicken, deer, fish, etc.) to our kibble.

Grain Free:

Our grain-free formulas are based on peas and potatoes and do not contain grains that could be allergenic. Also, due to their low glycemic index, these ingredients help to prevent obesity, one of the most common and increasingly serious diseases.

Herbal complex:

Offers a balanced blend of herbs to aid in proper digestion and detoxification of the entire body, thereby supporting the cat’s overall vitality.

Proteins of animal origin of high biological value:

It also offers the best source of protein for cats, since they are carnivorous, compared to vegetable proteins. They contain all the essential amino acids necessary for the proper growth and development of animals of this species.

More characteristics of FITMIN PURITY CASTRATE

It’s a complete food for overweight adult cats and spayed/neutered cats with a tendency to be overweight. The formula is grain free and contains fresh chicken and other ingredients:


Highly digestible and rich in collagen and elastin. Contains iron and zinc, which play an important role in the oxygenation of the blood and tissues and in healthy skin. High linoleic acid content. 80% proteins of animal origin.

Dandelion leaf:

It stimulates the digestive organs and the secretion of gastric juices. Helps to fight inflammation of the urinary tract and kidney stones. Improves the appetite.

Black currant:

Rich in vitamins and minerals; Slows the ageing process, strengthens the immune system, and has a positive effect on the elasticity of the blood vessels.

Milk thistle:

Antioxidant properties, supports the growth of liver cells, has a positive effect on liver function and protects the liver from toxins.


Helps to burn fat and protect the heart muscle.

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