At Dibaq we continue working

From Dibaq Group we want to convey a message of tranquility in these moments of concern that we are living.

That is why, based on the commitment we have established, we want to continue providing you with the necessary supplies and guarantee the continuity of the service with the highest quality.

The group has developed a contingency plan in order to offer a personalized, close and excellent attention in spite of the circumstances. From all areas of our business we are in continuous communication and monitoring the proper functioning of the same, making follow-ups in order to continue providing the best service.

Our company is very attentive to the latest updates of Coronavirus, in order to give a responsible response and adapted to the situation.

Dibaq Group wants to transmit you tranquility and offer you our absolute disposition to continue managing all the processes with the biggest possible success.

Our maximum recognition to all the sanitary personnel and security forces and to those who take care of us doing some basic services (supermarkets and pharmacies). Thanks too to our colleagues because they are the reason why we continue feeding our pets and those fish living at rivers and seas!

Together we can handle it!

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07 - October 2021

We are a BAP certified company

It is a pleasure for us to inform you that we are a BAP (Best Aquaculture Practices) certified company. We are the first company in Spain that currently holds this certification.

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17 - September 2021

Dibaq, registered trademark in China

At Dibaq we want to help take care of all family members, so in this country we offer recipes for dogs and cats cooked by our experts.

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15 - July 2021

Our international presence continues to grow

We want to share some very good news with you: we are continuing to expand our international market, having recently landed in Cameroon and China. Along with Dibaq Petcare, in these countries we are going to commercialise our products for pets, collaborating hand in hand with experts, professionals and local communities. We are pleased to continue our internationalisation […]

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11 - July 2021

We participate in the creation of a Strategic Project for Economic Recovery and Transformation (PERTE)

Grupo Tejedor Lázaro, to which we belong along with Dibaq Group, participated in the “From the Farm to the Table: Challenges and Opportunities of the Agricultural Sector” project along with 8 other companies of the agri-food sector. Visit the website of “El Día de Segovia” HERE and find out more.

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