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18 - September 2020

VI DIBAQ Aquaculture Photography Contest

We inform you that the VI Edition of the DIBAQ Aquaculture Photography Contest has arrived. A contest open to amateur and professional photographers from all over the world who work in the Aquaculture sector.

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24 - August 2020

Animal welfare in aquaculture

At Dibaq Group, we are aware that the welfare of aquaculture fish is a fundamental concern today and a topic increasingly covered in the media. Are you interested? Check more information here.

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20 - August 2020

Turkey meal: how is it made, and what are its benefits?

At Dibaq we manufacture food for pets and aquaculture fish. Applying our extensive experience, we strive each day to create healthy, high-quality recipes with the best raw materials. And today we would like to give you more information about turkey meal.

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10 - July 2020

We launch AquaSafe

Dibaq Group launches AquaSafe, a quality seal, for those customers who look for the animal welfare in a sustainable way.

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30 - June 2020

We collaborate with the BIOSEA project

We collaborate with this project. And will develop various diets for aquaculture species in the Mediterranean environment by introducing different levels of algae extracts and monitoring their results.

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30 - June 2020

We collaborate with DAMOS LA CARA

We collaborate with DAMOS LA CARA, an initiative that wants to show the work done by family businesses in Spain.

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26 - June 2020

For yet another year we have passed the IFS audit

We are proud to inform you that our facilities in Fuentepelayo (Segovia) have once again successfully passed the annual IFS audit for pet food production.

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23 - June 2020

10 vegetable proteins for pets

For dog and cat owners, choosing the right food for their pets is essential when it comes to taking care of their health and well-being. And many often wonder which proteins are best for their little ones. On our website, we tell you about the top 10 vegetable proteins for your pets.

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