We launch AquaSafe

Dibaq Group launches AquaSafe, a quality seal, for those customers who look for the animal welfare in a sustainable way, with a greater use of the productive capacity of your facilities, generating the maximum value to your products and improving performance.

What is AquaSafe?

Thanks to the team of Dibaq Aquaculture, we are specialized in the manufacture of special and differentiated products, using raw materials, micronutrients and high quality functional components. Likewise, as a result of the innovation and the needs of our global market, we have managed to go further and improve the quality of our nutrients, additives and recipes of our products.

AquaSafe can combine up to 5 new main properties depending on the type of product, size, target species and production type:

  • Nutraceutical activity: nutraceuticals are products derived from natural extracts whose nutritional and functional characteristics provide benefits, contribute to improving health.
  • Antiparasitic activity: in addition to stimulating immunity, they are effective products against internal and external parasites.
  • Sustainability: focuses on compensating for the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.
  • Improvement and expansion of Micropellets in hatchery products: by including 0.6 and 0.8 mm extrusions. Using a new and improved micronization system.
  • Digestive and functional activity: it can be summarized in a better The nutritional quality of the food is improved by means of special natural additives that optimise its use in the digestive tract.

Why AquaSafe?

This concept includes the sustainability and safety of water and Planet Earth, as well as, the health and safety of the fish fed with our products, stimulating the immune system, protecting them against internal and external parasites and improving the productive performance. Therefore, it is a global concept that offers and focuses on the safety of the Planet and our fish.

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