The aquaculture sector in Russia

Andrey Koleda, CEO at Priladozhie, has written an article about the aquaculture sector in Russia and his relation with Dibaq Aquaculture. Find out more here!

The industrial aquaculture in Russia has a relatively short history. The first farms, producing rainbow trout appeared in the mid-1990s, mainly in the north-west of the country, in the Karelia region (bordering Finland) which has many deep lakes.

At least a hundred farms of different types and production capacity are operating in Russia these days. We have some small family companies, that are more involved in selling their product to private individuals, at the same time we can find large companies that produce fish on an industrial scale for supermarket chains and processing factories. At the moment, with the market growing, there is room for everyone, and the competition has not yet turned into a battle to the death. According to preliminary data, 36,000 tonnes of trout were produced in the Karelia region in 2020.

Our company Priladozhie, which is located on Lake Ladoga, also in Karelia, was able to reach the level of 1700 tons last year. So we are among the first ten fish farms in the region. Actually, being first of all a family business that has grown quite a lot recently, we have chosen a development strategy that is a bit different from most of the regional companies in the sector. For many, the process is simple – create and sell fresh fish. We chose a different path.

Being located in one of the most touristic parts of north-western Russia, we decided to build a wooden restaurant in Scandinavian style where we serve a wide variety of fish dishes: trout soup with cream and caviar, ravioli with smoked trout, baked fish, etc. At first this was an experiment, but it turned out to be a development strategy.

We made the most of this tourist advantage to promote our product. Last year we also launched our online sales page so that people in Moscow and St. Petersburg could also have access to our trout. Right now we produce about 20 varieties of products: caviar, smoked fish, salted fish, fish ravioli, fish dumplings, minced fish, dried fish and so on. The production has grown and we have been forced to build a new plant with which we plan to process at least 300 tons of trout per year.

It is obvious that with so much production we have to be sure of the quality of the feed we use. For us Dibaq feed is one of the best, because it ensures a fast growth of the fish and has a very good influence on the health and mortality figures throughout the whole feeding period. Besides that, we prefer to use Dibaq before the winter break, preparing the fish to spend a few months without feeding (due to the low water temperatures from November to May).

We are very happy that our friends from Fuentepelayo are constantly improving their product and offering feed with better and better characteristics. The latest example is the AquaSafe feed line, which we hope will be even more effective both in our production and in preserving the environment, which is important for a fish farm of our size. It´s concept of creating an environmentally friendly product is in line with our vision for the development of the aquaculture industry. We must work together to create a natural and healthy product that does not harm nature.

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